A roof window when installed is made of 3 elements:


  • Tile flashing (16-50 mm)

    The Liteleader tile flashing provides safe, watertight installation with tiles of a 16-50 mm profile. You can install on flat tiles above 16 mm, on concrete tiles, profiled ceramic tiles or even into corrugated metal roofing.

  • Slate flashing (0-16 mm)

    The slate flashing is suitable for flat roofing materials which are between 0-16 mm (2 x 8 mm) thick. The tight flashing bottom part and the segmented side parts mean that you can use it with everything from natural slates, manufactured slates to shingle.

  • Universal flashing (16-120 mm)

    This fits most common roofing materials with a profile height of between 16-120 mm. The extended (and more pleated) aluminium apron ensures perfect installation on high profile tiles, corrugated slates, or even in a straw roof.

  • Recessed tile flashing (0-16 mm)

    The flush (or recessed tile) flashing is ideal for installing with slates between 0-16mm (2 x 8 mm) in height, ensuring a perfect watertightness. The 40 mm deeper installation provides better energy performance and looks great. Compatible with a roof pitch range of between 20°- 90°.

  • Plain flashing (0-28 mm)

    The plain flashing is suitable for plain tiles of a max. profile height of 14 mm (max length 340 mm). There are special profiled side parts for plain tiles. Compatible with a roof pitch range between 25°-90°.

  • Combination flashing

    This is suitable for when you are fitting multiple roof windows and enables you to install in a grid fashion, from two windows side by side up to any number of windows in one or more rows (width) or columns (height).

  • Conservation flashing

    Universal flashings, recessed slate flashings and plain tile flashings are available in black for the conservation roof windows range (CVX).

  • Insulating Foam Collar (IFC)

    Reduces heat loss.

    For perfect insulation and a really tight seal between the window and rafters. The IFC collar forms a sealing frame around your window restricting heat loss and it aids easier, faster and faultless installation.

  • Underfelt Foil Collar (RUC)

    Cuts down installation time by up to 15 minutes per window. Also designed to protect the roof and increase water tightness. It’s a stretchable, highly tear-resistant polystyrene, non-woven fabric with a vapour-permeable polyurethane coating.